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Leven Rose is a premium beauty product company producing organic and 100% pure natural products. They extract their ingredients with environmentally sustainable practices at all times. They do not test on animals. They offer natural skin and haircare products for all your needs. I love that they do not use over-processed filler additives and other chemicals bad stuff.
I tested the Premium 100% organic pure unrefined cold pressed Leven Rose Rosehip Seed Oil, cultivated from Chile; this natural oil is paraben-free, non-GMO & chemical free.

About Rosehip Oil: It is made from the seed of a wild rose bush from Chile. It does not have a rose scent since it’s not from the same plant. LevenRose oil is a chemical-free skincare option for sensitive skin. Use it as an addition to lotion and creams. It is brightening and softening for the skin. The formula is non-greasy and super light. It’s a natural acne and eczema treatment. 

Use it for helping to regenerate skins cells and repair damaged skin tissue. It's full of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that are known to correct dark spots and hydrate dry, itchy skin all white reducing scars and fine lines. The oil anti-aging properties, protect from age spots, helps with eczema (promote skin regeneration), and acne scarring, boost the immune system (great source of vitamin c), helps treat osteoarthritis (helps reduce inflammation in the body), relieves sunburns, keep nails healthy, promote healthy and vibrant skin.

Rosehip oil is better than other oils because it's a dry oil, meaning it absorbs quickly without leaving an oily skin residue. It has multiple uses and benefits. It’s also better than botox as it's a safer solution to repair the skin’s surface and restore the skin elasticity.

This oil is for anyone who have sensitive skin, damaged, scarred, or dry/itchy skin. Mature skin will also benefit a lot from a Rosehip oil use. 

How to use? Rub 2-3 drops into palm and with your fingertips, gently massage into clean skin.
Massage 2-3 drop onto face before bed to use as a nighttime moisturizer. It helps to repair and rejuvenate skin while you sleep.
For age spots, blemish and scars: Apply to fingertips, then rub into affected area. Apply multiple times per day for best results. 
To nourish dry hair and prevent dandruff: apply on scalp, leave it for on for an hour and then wash it out.

I like the subtle woody smell and how gentle the oil is on the skin. It's not greasy and quickly adsorbed. I do feel my skin healthier and more vibrant. I did try it on my eczema as well and it did feel less scratchy, dry and irritated on that area. I feel like this is a great affordable skin option and I support LevenRose to do their products organic, chemical-free and cruelty-free. 

Get your Rosehip oil here: https://www.levenrose.com/collections/leven-rose-collection/products/rosehip-seed-oil (It's 50% off NOW) 
I was provided a free product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced by the company in any way.

Let me know if you tried this oil in the comments! 

MPL xx



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